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    Fireproof FireGuard® Insulated Record Safes

    SentrySafe formerly Schwab


    SentrySafe Record Fire Safes.

    SentrySafe Record Fire Safes provide certified, point-of-use fire protection for vital business records.  These products have been built to exceed the stringent UL class 350, label requirements. The safes are also certified to survive a drop of 30 feet onto rubble during a fire such as a fall through burning floors.

    Our Record Fire Safes, provide maximum filing capacity for your valuable records. The safe interior components are constructed of welded steel and finished in attractive, durable ari-dried enamel paint. Accessories are sold separately, to allow flexible storage in a variety of funtional configurations. Two size to choose from. Color Options: Gray, Charcoal, Off-White, Putty and Tan.

    While standard equipped with a Group 2 combination lock, a variety of locking options are available to accomodate your individual security needs (see accessories below). These safes have a UL certified re-locking device to set the bolts if the lock is punched in a burglary attempt.

    Fire Protection UL Class 350. Fire UL Class 350 Fire Endurance. (1-hour at 1700°F)

    Impact Testing. During a fire, a safe may fall several stories. Keep vital business documents protected by choosing a safe that has undergone third party verified impact testing. 30 Feet Drop.


    Explosion UL Class.UL Explosion Hazard Test. The test ensures products will not explode when subjected to the extreme temperature of 2000°F (1093°C) for 20 minutes.


    Record Fire Safes - Fire & Impact Resistant

    Overall width dimention includes 1" for hinge protection on single door safes and 2" for hinge protection on double door safes.

    Overall depth dimension includes 1.75" for handle projection.

    Casters do not swivel or lock.

    Fire UL Class 350 1-hour.

    Explosion UL Class.

    Impact UL Class 30 ft. drop test -- eqivalent to falling two stories; contents remain intact and locked.

    Standard Combination Lock, more options below.

    3 year Limited Warranty.

    Color Options: Gray, Charcoal, Off-White, Putty and Tan.

    Interior Empty, accessories sold separately.
    Model # 2557CN.
    Model # 2557CN
    Model # 4068CN.
    Model # 4068CN


    Model No. Description Overall Size Est. Lbs List Price Sale Price
    H W D
    2557CN 19.6 cu ft. Record Fire Safe, Empty Interior,
    Interior: 57.25"H x 25.13"W x 23.5"D
    66.25" 30.75" 31.75" 1,025 $10,813.00 $5,407.00
    4068CN 37.5 cu ft. Record Fire Safe, Empty interior,
    Interior 68.25"H x 40.38"W x 23.5"D
    77.25" 47" 31.75" 1,665 $18,264.00 $9,132.00

    Faxable Order Form (PDF).   On-Line Order Form.   SentrySafe Products Freight and Shipping Information.


    Accessories and Lock Options

    Lock Options.

    ** Dual control locking option requires both locks to be engaged or disengaged before securing or allowing access.


    Part No. Est. Lbs. Price Part No. Est. Lbs. Price
    Lock Options
    Combination lock, Group 2 Standard - - - - -
    Combination lock, Group 1R (x-ray and manipulation proof) 508289 - $519.00 - - -
    Combination lock, Group 2 with key locking dial for dual control ** 508290 - $146.00 - - -
    Key locking handle for dual control ** 508288 - $160.00 - - -
    Combination lock, Digital 508372 - $339.00 - - -
    1 flat drawer* 508380 14 $270.00 508375 14 $339.00
    1 – 12 x 16 locker* 508383 18 $339.00 508376 18 $426.00
    1 legal file drawer with lock* 508385 30 $529.00 508378 30 $661.00
    25.1" wide safe (adjustable shelf) 508523 20 $74.00 508524 20 $96.00
    40.4" wide safe (adjustable shelf) 508526 29 $189.00 508527 29 $218.00


    * Requires an adjustable shelf for support.

    NOTE: Accessories are all off-white. When the above accessories are placed in the 2557CN and 4068CN model safes, a supporting shelf must be ordered at extra cost.


    flat drawer. 1 Flat drawer, overall dimensions: 5" H x 17.63" W x 17.1" D Interior locker for high security storage.

    1 - 12" x 16" Locker, overall dimensions: 13.25" H x 17.63" W x 17.1" D

    Legal File Drawers with lock.

    Legal File Drawers with lock, overall dimensions: 13.25" H x 17.63" W x 17.1" D

    Adjustable Shelf.

    Adjustable Shelf is flat and measures 1.1" tall and adjusts at .25" intervals.


    SentrySafe formerly Schwab.


    On GSA Contract.
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